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African-Americans in Worcester County, Maryland Court Records 1742 - 1800

by​  Kimberly A. Chase (2022)


This is a targeted compilation and transcription of county court records. Originally referred to as Deeds of Conveyance but later archived as Land Records, the archival set includes records such as Articles of Agreement, Bastardy Bonds, Bills of Sale, Certificates of Slave Importation into the State of Maryland, Deeds of Conveyance, Deeds of Gift, Deeds of Manumission, Deeds of Mortgage, Deeds of Release, Depositions, Indentures, Receipts and Schedules of Goods, Chattels, Rights, and Credits.

The original records were traditionally indexed by the names of the grantors (the "givers") and the grantees (the "receivers") with no mention of WHAT or WHO was being bargained, sold, gifted, moved, or mortgaged. The obvious exceptions to that were deeds of manumission. The inconsistency of identifying surnamed African-Americans by race or ethnicity unintentionally added further confusion.

This compliation is intended to be a reference aid to overcome the brick wall of African-American genealogical research and history in Worcester County, Maryland and all .                                                                                                                                  surrounding counties prior to 1870.

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